Master of Yoga Dr George King

Concentrate during this Spiritual Push

by Jul 14, 2022

During a Spiritual Push, all of our spiritual actions are karmically potentized by a factor of 3,000! Because of this, each second that we are performing spiritual work is precious and our powers of concentration are important.

“… if you have the will to concentrate on any particular subject you can do so. In the beginning it might be a little difficult. As time goes on it will gradually become easier and easier and easier. And I say this, I predict it, that in some weeks’ time if you persevere you will look back on the times you started and you’ll say: “What was all the fuss about? This is easy, I can do this.” And you will, each and every one of you, will be able to say this.”
– Master of Yoga, Dr. George King

The practice of The Twelve Blessings is a wonderful tool to practice concentration, while also being of Service to the world.

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