They can only use the power you send to them

by Nov 9, 2017

In this week’s lecture extract, Dr. George King talks about The Devic Kingdom, otherwise known as “Nature Spirits”.

The Devic Kingdom is the aspect of consciousness governing apparently unconscious processes, like the action of a plant or a crystal growing, or a storm manifesting.

The Devic Kingdom works strictly according to the law of karma, but can ONLY work with the power that you invoke and send to them – whether or not you realize that you are doing this…

This means that the quality of energy you radiate – your thought and action – will and does affect the myriad unconscious processes in the environment all around you.

In the Fifth Blessing, the Master Jesus reveals the true implications of this relationship between ourselves and the world around us, which may be more than you ever imagined…

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Ordinary Earth man by his wrong thought and action has for countless centuries sent streams of Power to the Devas, Power discoloured by his uncontrolled emotion. The Devas, having no other tools but those of man, have had to make flood and drought. Man is responsible for all these–and all will be reckoned in his Karma.
– The Master Jesus, from the Fifth Blessing

“Now this is what it means. And this is why it’s necessary for you to send power to the Devas.

“You might think well, alright, you say that the Sea Devas for instance or the Devas of Storm are tremendous Beings of great power. They are. But, but… they can only use the power you send to them.

“And if you unconsciously send streams of hate and enmity and, shall we call it negative streams of energy to them, they will use these strictly according to Law and you have earthquakes, famine, so on.

“When a man explodes a hydrogen bomb he brings about certain laws. The Devic Kingdom must cause earthquakes. They have to by the Law which made them. And they work strictly according to this Law and they will not deviate. That’s what they’re there for.

“They are the people who work according to the Law of Action and Reaction, strictly. So you’ll get the conditions you deserve. By “you” I mean the mass of humanity, naturally, get exactly those conditions they deserve.

“When hydrogen bombs are set off, earthquakes must happen. When rockets are sent out through the ionosphere, earthquakes must happen because in comes an influx of cosmic rays for a second or two. The Devic Kingdom has to manipulate those. BINGO. You must have earthquakes. It’s one of the things you must have. On the other hand if you send to the Devas what we call Love, great results can be brought about.”

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