Master of Yoga Dr George King

Become a spiritual dynamo

by Sep 17, 2021

During this Spiritual Push, the energies that we send out are potentized by a factor of 3000 in terms of their karmic benefit to the world as a whole! We can send out energy in all kinds of different ways. Master of Yoga Dr. George King says:

“When you think certain thoughts, the resultant reaction from those thoughts is a magnetic draw on the universal life force supply. And you cannot—it is impossible for any man, woman or child to think the right spiritual thoughts without invoking energy. You must do it. It is the Law and the Law must work—and it works exactly. If you say a Christian-type prayer—providing that prayer is balanced—you will invoke power. You will become as a dynamo, charged with the universal life forces and you can direct that power anywhere in the world.”

One of the best ways to send out spiritual power is through prayer, and our online Twelve Blessings Services provide a wonderful opportunity to do this!


Change the world with spiritual energy

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