Master of Yoga Dr George King

Be instrumental in helping our Earth

by Sep 8, 2022

In Saint Goo-Ling’s introduction to the Eleventh Blessing, to the Supreme Lords of Creation, he says:

“Please send out all your love to those great and mighty Beings, who will be mentioned in this Blessing.

“By doing this you will be performing very Holy Prayer and also by the great Law you must attract that energy again, down to your Earth. Then will you be instrumental directly in helping your Earth in this way.

“You will also be helping the Cosmic Masters who have – in most ways – to work through Earth man, in order to impregnate the Earth with their powers.”

We are now in a Spiritual Push, when all of our spiritual actions are potentized by a factor of 3,000 in karmic terms. Join us in our online Twelve Blessings Services and help our world!

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