Are you in contact with a genuine Master?

by Feb 6, 2019

Developing your ability to discriminate between what is true and what is false is essential to your spiritual success.

It is the difference between choosing to follow teachings that will take you to Enlightenment, and teachings that will cost you years of your life – or worse.

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King offers some very simple guidance for judging whether you have a true contact with a genuine Master.

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“To be used in public by a Master as elevated as Jesus was to me a vast responsibility.

“I did not consider that I was worthy to be overshadowed by Jesus. But I was reminded of the words of the Master who came to me in 1954, just eight days after the first Command was given. He said: ‘It is not for you to judge whether you are worthy to be chosen, my Son.’

“In weakness and in strength, truth is strangely paradoxical. A sign was asked for and, in this case, a sign was given.

“Some people said to me, ‘I do not know whether or not I am being overshadowed by this Master or that Master or the other Master.’

“I must smile in tolerance of course when they say this, because what they have really said is: they are not being overshadowed by any Master.

“A Great One will prove himself always to an emissary, which he has chosen to go out in to the world.

“In the same way that Jesus proved his greatness to his disciples, he will prove his greatness to his modern disciples.

“The same way that Buddha proved, by sheer applied logic, his great wisdom to his disciples, a Buddha today will prove himself to his disciples even as he did in olden days.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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