Master of Yoga Dr George King

A promise from the Master Jesus

by Apr 21, 2022

We are still in the first Spiritual Push of this year. During this time any spiritual work is enhanced 3,000 times. The more we are spiritually active, the more help we will receive.

“I tell you now, that all of you who pray for your brothers – from this moment on – will be given such great strength, that you never dreamed of it. I, Jesus Christ, do guarantee this to you. If your heart is pure, look and see the Light within it. Reach out, and God is there. Your troubles will be dissolved in this Power, for verily it is the Power of Creation Itself. I am privileged to walk among you, I can tell you that I WILL NEVER FORSAKE ANY OF YOU – that I will guide you, heal you, help you, and the more you want to help others, THE MORE HELP WILL I SEE YOU GET.”

Tune in to our online Twelve Blessings Services this week and not only will our energy make a real difference in the world, but we can also know that we are being helped by great beings such as the Master Jesus.

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