A metaphysical secret about Love energy

by Dec 4, 2019

On August 10th, 1954, a great battle was fought and won against an evil entity in space. This mind-blowing battle is described in full in the book You Are Responsible!

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr. George King reveals a little-known metaphysical secret about love energy which made this victory possible.

This is an extract from a series of lectures on The Nine Freedoms. The Nine Freedoms are a series of cosmic transmissions (messages) given by a great and wise extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Mars Sector 6”, through the trance mediumship of Dr. King.

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“But L-O-V-E has got a definite equation—and it’s a very, very easily understood one—of creation from itself.

“If you send out the power of pure LOVE—it has to be pure LOVE—pure LOVE is impersonal, it knows no relatives, it knows no sex, it knows no one human because it knows all. It’s the impersonal person who can be the best lover. This might seem like contradictory to you—on the face of it, it is contradictory.

“A psychologist would say, “rubbish!” But it is true, examine it carefully and you will see. It’s the impersonal person who can love all in an impersonal manner.

“The personal person can only love one or two in a very personal manner. That’s what I mean. Well if and when love is manifested in the right way, if it’s directed towards a target and it’s an energy—it can be directed towards a target—you can shoot a ray of LOVE from a certain psychic center just as you can shoot a bullet out of a gun. And you can fire it just as exact, because it’s an energy. When it hits its target, if it finds any force at all to deflect it, or if it’s held up in any way, it will immediately multiply itself by four.

“Now, in order to hold it up again, the barriers—or the opposite force—has to be multiplied by four. And then the energy—initial energy—will multiply itself by four again, and the barriers have to multiply themselves by four in order to combat it.

“And this is the only reason you’re alive, Los Angeles!

“There aren’t two reasons. Had it not been for this basic formula, and the ability to use it, this world would be in a very different state today.

“If you were alive, you would be automatons. Now this is true. Before God, this is true.

“So we know what LOVE is because we have used it in this way. We’ve sent forward this great, impersonal energy in a tremendous wave, directed it towards a specific target which had to, number one, accept it and be transmuted as a result of acceptance, or use a tremendous energy to send it back, and it was multiplied by four and four and four and four until the barriers were broken down.

“And that one thing saved the Earth.

“Told you when this book, You Are Responsible!, came on to the market it would throw a bomb into orthodox thought—and it will.

“A full account of what I say is in this book. And I was reluctant to put it out. I was forced to make this story public—absolutely forced to make it public. I don’t want to make it public. I never wanted anyone to know about it, but it’s orders that I do so—purely and simply to teach you the great power of this tremendous energy—something which absolutely lives, something which can be used to transmute.

“And it’s the only energy that will work in this way. And, ladies and gentlemen, it does work, as most of you know. Before now you’ve sent out your LOVE. Many things have happened as a result of this, many, many things.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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