Master of Yoga Dr George King

A burning desire to help others

by Dec 4, 2021

There’s just over one week left in the last Spiritual Push of this year. This is an outstanding opportunity to help the world in a very real way.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King has taught us that one of the best ways we can help others is through what he described as “dynamic prayer.”

Praying dynamically means that you aren’t just saying prayers, you are putting as much feeling into them as you can, or as Dr. King put it:

“The main difference between prayer… ordinary prayer, and shall we call it Dynamic Prayer – is the depth of expression. One is a shallow appeal, as though you were asking the greengrocer for two pounds of apples, and the other a deep expression of your inner feeling – a belief in yourself that you are capable of praying in this way and that is the way which will bring results.”

Tune in to one of our upcoming services this week and join others in dynamic prayer to make the most of this holy time!

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