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The Twelve Blessings
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Photo: Master of Yoga and medium Dr. George King atop Mt. Tallac, Northern California.

The spiritual energy crisis

We live in a beautiful world and yet we are surrounded by so much pain, so much suffering, so much ignorance, war and violence in all its forms.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe the most important crisis facing humanity today is the spiritual energy crisis, and it is only the right use of spiritual energy which ultimately will solve the problems now facing mankind.

Until then, our problems will continue, no matter what other strides are made to apparently solve them.

Service to humanity through prayer

Prayer is a natural and powerful instrument of action. It is a way of radiating spiritual energy to bring about greater peace, freedom, enlightenment and healing. It does not matter what religion you are, or even if you are of no religion at all, what counts above all else is your desire to help others.

Spiritual energy is no less real than any other energy – in fact in some ways it is more real. It is physically tangible, and the more energy that is sent out, and the higher the quality of this energy, the greater will be the results. It is precise and scientific – but a science beyond what is commonly understood today.

Prayer can literally change your life and the world.

As Mahatma Gandhi so wisely stated: “Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.”

Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George KingMaster of Yoga and medium
Dr. George King

Spiritual energy, when it is used by people, is the key which will unlock all doors to all problems ever facing mankind.- Dr. George King

The Twelve Blessings

The practice of The Twelve Blessings is a uniquely powerful system of prayer, which gives us all an extraordinary opportunity to take spiritual action and bring about lasting change on Earth.

It is a profound cosmic teaching and sacred mystic practice given by the Master Jesus in 1958 through the mediumship of Master of Yoga Dr. George King to inspire humanity and to give us all a much greater appreciation of the spiritual nature of the cosmos.

“If The Twelve Blessings were the only Teaching upon Earth, it would be enough to take us to enlightenment and beyond. And if The Twelve Blessings were the only spiritual practice upon Earth, it would be sufficient to bring peace and freedom to our world.” – Richard Lawrence

It should be made known at this time, that the great Love and Power of Jesus is just as much alive today on this Earth, as ever it was.-
The Master Saint Goo-Ling

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“It’s very tangible – I know that the energy that comes through with The Twelve Blessings is so potent that I feel like I can make a difference and that gives me a sense of peace…”
– Shirley Sherwood, London, UK

What others are saying

Become part of a spiritual force for global transformation!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

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"You too could stand in the presence of that great Cosmic Master of Love, Jesus, if only you would practice what He has given to us in The Twelve Blessings with other inspired souls."

- Darren Ball, London

"A service of The Twelve Blessings is an essential start to my day, making me more conscious of the importance of our every thought and its effect on our world. I bless the Master Jesus for the power and beauty of this wonderful practice which has changed my life."

- David Trimble, South Yorkshire


"The first time I heard the words of the Blessing to the Absolute it was as if their magic had penetrated my very soul. I could feel goose pimples all over. I shut my eyes only to find tears rolling down my cheek. Never had I heard such a beautiful and in-depth description of God before. It has changed my whole approach to life."

- Jonathan Nicol, Lagos, Nigeria


"All my life I was searching for Truth, which I had to find. I bought The Twelve Blessings the first time I heard Dr. George King speak, a couple of weeks after he arrived in America in 1959. I read it that night... and I knew I had found Truth."

- Edna Spencer, Michigan


"Out of all the rituals and ceremonies I have ever participated in, nothing compares to the sheer beauty and power felt during The Twelve Blessings. Many times it has brought me to tears."

- Oscar Leon, California


"I will never forget the day it arrived. Even before I opened the envelope, I felt vibrations all over my body. As soon as I started reading the texts of The Twelve Blessings, I felt a definite presence and I knew beyond a doubt that these were the words of the Master Jesus. It did not matter if anyone else understood or appreciated these New Age Teachings of Jesus. I knew they came from Jesus. Even though the winter in the north of Norway was dark and cold, through The Twelve Blessings I was engulfed in a greater light than I had ever known. "

- Henrik Lovdokken, California


"I have been going to church my entire life, but I never heard prayer recited in that way. I was taken aback but at the same time I felt something. This was so much more. This was a practice in which I could elevate myself, and evolve myself closer and closer to the One who gave it."

- Duen McLean, Florida


"The first time I heard one of the Blessings for myself I knew it was the voice of the great Master of Love, Jesus. No one had to tell me who it was. It was as though a part of me instantly remembered that voice from long ago and the love and power it carried."

- Rodney Crosby, California


"Since leaving the monastery I had been on a tireless search for Truth. I have studied various world religions... and read volumes of spiritual works. However, it was the teachings of The Twelve Blessings that resonated deep within my soul. The time comes when we know beyond all shadow of doubt that we have found the TRUTH."

- Maureen Kilpatrick, Michigan


"I felt more inspiration and benefit from this short practice than five years of meditation."

- Tracy Frank, California


"I can honestly say that this holy book has changed my life. I came across it over 20 years ago, and I say the Blessings on a daily basis. The uplifting prayers by the Master Jesus have amazing results. I highly recommend The Twelve Blessings."

- Isabel Fernandes, Lisbon, Portugal


"The Twelve Blessings has given me an incredible appreciation of the vastness and wonder of the universe – and a greater understanding of the oneness of all things. It has transformed my whole outlook – and performing the Blessings has given me strength and inspiration even at some of the most difficult moments in my life."

- Joseph Rebello, London


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