Master of Yoga Dr George King

Your spiritual bank account

by Feb 18, 2022

In a lecture on the Sixth Blessing, Master of Yoga Dr. George King points out that materialistic people may not be preparing for the future as well as they think.

“The so-called materialist prefers to refer to himself as a practical individual and yet he’s a really impractical man. He prepares, by all his efforts, to build up some so-called security for himself in his old age, and so on. He works for tomorrow. But the spiritual man works for the day after tomorrow. He doesn’t care and doesn’t spend much energy at all in putting monetary wealth in a financial bank, but he builds up an account in a spiritual bank, and this spiritual bank he can draw on when he’s left the limitation of this life. And he can draw on it for all the rest of the lives to come—with interest. Now the interest is pretty good and, of course, it’s tax-free!”

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