Master of Yoga Dr George King

You can help the Cosmic Plan

by Nov 16, 2023

There is a Cosmic Plan for the enlightenment of mankind. Dr. George King reminded us in 1959 that we all have the opportunity to cooperate with this great plan:

“There are numerous sources of power and energy offered to all mankind in these days. There is not a man, woman, or child upon this Earth who cannot avail itself of great energy, who cannot do good with this energy, and as a result of doing good to someone else—service is the keynote, by the way, for others, not personal service—and having done good to others with this energy, there’s not a man, woman or child upon this Earth who cannot evolve itself out of the great rut.”

Satellite Number 3 is in orbit of Earth right now, karmically enhancing all of our spiritual actions by a factor of 3,000. If we take advantage of this opportunity, we are not only cooperating with the Cosmic Masters on Satellite Number 3, we are also helping the Cosmic Plan.

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