Master of Yoga Dr George King

You can help bring about peace

by Apr 13, 2023

In Cosmic Voice Volume 2, The Master Jesus states:

“There are those who dream of peace. Oh friends, keep this dream within your hearts, for it shall come to pass.

“You seem to be so limited. Nay, thy limitation is but appearance. This appearance will be cast away like the useless cloak that it is, for you lovers of peace will see your dream brought into wondrous manifestation upon the Earth.”

On April 18th/19th (depending on your time zone), Satellite No. 3 comes into orbit and the first known Spiritual Push of this year will begin. During this time, all spiritual action is karmically potentized by a factor of 3,000! It is opportunities like Spiritual Pushes that can help us truly bring about peace on Earth.

Join with us in our online Twelve Blessings Services and help bring about peace.

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