You are the expression of life!

by Feb 25, 2021

One of the most inspiring messages that we have been given many times by the Cosmic Masters is about the oneness of all life.

The life in you is the same life that is expressing itself in trillions and trillions of different ways throughout creation, which is making its way through experience back to its Divine Source.

In the words of the Master Aetherius:

What are you?

You are the expression of life! You are all the expression of life!

A tiny blade of grass is the expression of life, seeking experience.


The same life, the same life, that runs through rocks, through the sea, through grass, through trees, through you—it is the same life!

It is seeking experience. It is like the tiny little tendril, reaching for the light, reaching for the light, so that it can blossom forth!

And, when you have found this light, dear friends, you too will blossom forth, and great will be your joy!

What a hopeful and inspiring message – the joy of oneness awaits us all!

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