Master of Yoga Dr George King

Who are the Planetary Ones?

by Feb 8, 2024

The Fourth Blessing is to the “Planetary Ones” – beings from other planets who have been born on Earth in a terrestrial body. This brief extract from Dr. George King reveals why they did this:

“Some of them have even accepted the limitation of an Earth body so that they could work among us as apparent Earth people, so that they—having such a limitation bestowed upon them—they could better understand the workings of the Earth mind and better help the Earth mind.”

Some of the Planetary Ones are very well known to us. Three famous examples are Buddha, Jesus, and Krishna. 

Dr. King also said that there are more than just the very well known Masters. There are also others who have a much lower profile, or whom we may not even have heard of, but who nevertheless are working among us.

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