Master of Yoga Dr George King

What happens when we practice The Twelve Blessings?

by Jul 15, 2021

When we practice The Twelve Blessings, many things happen – all of them positive! Here are three of the most important:

Firstly, in each Blessing we send energy to a focal point. Secondly, because of the Law of Karma, we receive energy back to ourselves as a result of this. And thirdly, when we say the prayer at the end of the Blessing, we can then send even more energy out to mankind as a whole.

This is one of the reasons why The Twelve Blessings is such a potent practice for us to raise our consciousness, and uplift our troubled world.

This sounds like a big task, but the Master Jesus says in the First Blessing:

“I say unto you, that even though the way be rough and long and dark, you will be helped and guided in your passage, so that you may guide and help those stumbling ones who see not the Light—in the midst of Light. Who feel not the warmth of the Heart of God. Who hear not the voice of their real Selves.”

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