What creates change?

by Jun 11, 2020

With so much upheaval at the moment, is it time to reflect on something deeper?

Lasting positive change is the result of one thing, and one thing only:

The surrender of the conscious mind to the wisdom of the Higher Self within us.

The conscious mind is what we use every day throughout our lives to function on this plane of existence. The Higher Self, also known as the super-conscious, is the aspect of us which is responsible for inspiration, conscience, selflessness and so forth. In a wise person, the Higher Self controls the conscious mind.

Dr. King described wisdom as “love in action” – and love in practical action is: service. If you serve others unselfishly, you are wise. And if you are wise, you serve others unselfishly.

Every step we take to affirm this spiritual truth within us – by actively serving others – will anchor it in a greater way in our lives.

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