Master of Yoga Dr George King

We can help heal the world

by Dec 7, 2023

In the introduction to ‘Become A Builder of the New Age‘, Dr. George King says the following:

“Humanity is as a hungry, lost, orphaned child. It needs help, guidance, healing, power and spiritual comfort. Whatever organization you belong to should be able to instruct you to give such essential service to man. How to pray in a dynamic fashion in order to bring results for the world as a whole; how to heal, making distance no object; how to safely enhance your God-potential.”

Although these words were written in 1964, they are just as true today. 

By joining together with people from all around the world in our Online Twelve Blessings Services, during these last few days of the Spiritual Push, we can send out tremendous energy to help heal the world. 

Change the world with spiritual energy

Discover the truthtry it for yourself

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