Master of Yoga Dr George King

Truth changes you

by Oct 22, 2020

Spiritual truth changes you! Master of Yoga Dr. George King said:

“The wisdom of the Masters, when studied and learned, alters your awareness and sets free streams of energy within your subtle nervous centres [chakras]. The aura, in turn, reflects itself on the physical and mental structure, releasing streams of energy within which, in turn, cause a great broadening of your awareness, your knowledge and – most definitely – your abilities.”

When you really think about the all-ness of “God,” which the Master Jesus describes in The Twelve Blessings, it changes you.

When you really think about our Sun as a living, conscious being, radiating its love to us 24 hours per day, it alters your consciousness.

When you really study the awe-inspiring truth that even the Galaxy thinks – it broadens your awareness of the vast, living cosmos which we are all an intimate part of…

As your higher chakras begin to open, you begin to tune into more elevated spiritual thoughts; you begin to see that everything in creation is alive, and conscious to one degree or another; and you begin to appreciate the mystery of creation… All knowledge can be yours.

Take advantage of the teachings we have been given. Study them. Think about them. And realize your inner potential…!

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