Master of Yoga Dr George King

The true birthday of the Master Jesus

by Mar 14, 2024

On March 15, we celebrate the true birth date of the Master Jesus. 

His Mission to Earth is frequently misunderstood. In an address from 1964 entitled ‘What were the Occult Secrets of Jesus‘ Dr. George King said:

“This intelligence took upon himself the limitation of an Earth physical body in order to carry out his predetermined missions on this Earth; missions which had been predetermined for him before he volunteered to come here—not before he was forced to come here, but before he volunteered—before he offered to come here. 

“Thinking man knows what those missions must have been. The main mission: to die. The second mission, as a cover-up for the main mission: namely to teach. This was a wonderful cover adopted by the Master intelligence, a part of which was in the physical body we call Jesus.”

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