Master of Yoga Dr George King

The Spark of God within you

by Jul 30, 2020

In the prayer that follows the Sixth Blessing, the Master Jesus says:

“We ask that the hearts and minds of man
Might be opened to Thy Presence,
To Thy Mighty Light.
So that they may forever Glorify Thee.
So that they may realise, that within them
Beats a Spark directly connected to Thy Wondrous Heart.”

It is a good reminder of the Spark of God within us all.

The Spark of God is the most pure, most spiritual part of you. It is above mind, and of course not physical.

Of course, every bit of you is Divine. Logically it must be – otherwise we would be saying that there was something outside of God, which is impossible. God is all and therefore every part of absolutely everything in manifestation is 100% Divine.

However, our ability to express the Divinity within us is limited. This limitation is the result of our own wrong thought and action in the past. Because of this, even after millions of lives, we are still unenlightened motes in an unimaginably vast cosmos.

But the Spark of God within you is that part of you that is pure Divinity – without limitation.

The more effort you make to evolve spiritually, through service and so on, the more you will manifest the Spark of God within you and better reflect Its supreme perfection.

You will begin to shed the limitations which you have imposed upon yourself, and the radiant light of your Divine essence will indeed shine forth to all…

Let us all resolve, especially during the current Spiritual Push to tune in with others online and let the radiant light of our Divine essence shine forth in our spiritual service to others!

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