Master of Yoga Dr George King

The secret to attaining 100% success

by Feb 23, 2023

In a prayer class from 1964, Master of Yoga, Dr. George King was giving feedback to the attenders about how they begin the prayer after the Fifth Blessing, to the Thanksgivers. This advice can be applied to all the prayers.

“Really put some feeling into it, as though you were really meaning this. Great reverence, as though you almost were afraid to say it. It’s a tremendously powerful sentence. Actually speaking, there are times when I’m almost afraid to say these sentences. And you should be the same. And until you are, you will never get that 100% success. You might get your 20%, your 10% fringe successes, but you will never get your 100% success.

“So much reverence have you, so much respect have you, that you almost are afraid to address yourself to the thing that you call, ‘Oh Divine Spirit of Everlasting Life.’ Believe me, this is the secret of prayer. It’s the secret of mantra. It’s the secret of all white magic. I don’t know any white magical act which this particular secret that I’m giving you—and I’ve had to learn the hard way, in harder schools than any of you have ever seen yet; and I hope, pray God, that harder schools than any of you will ever see for quite a long time—so, therefore, I’m in this position to know. Reverence! Reverence! Reverence!”

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