The secret of psychic powers

by Dec 12, 2018

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King talks about the great secret of psychic powers – essential for your own spiritual advancement.

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“In your journey through metaphysics, you will have a great deal of psychic phenomena. Thousands and thousands of incidents of psychic phenomena will be around you. Note, learn and detach.

“Don’t bother to get up and talk to me about it, or your next-door neighbor about it, unless it’s an outstanding thing that you need advice on, of course.

“Note, learn and detach. If you’ve only learned that one thing tonight it was well worth coming out.

“Don’t, my friends, allow these basic psychic phenomena to bog you down. If you do, you won’t move forward. While you are attached to various visions of temples and all these kind of things, which you will have, no matter how beautiful they are — while you are attached to them you will not make the next step onwards.

“While you are attached to the blue, green, red, yellow lights, you’ll not make the next step onwards – and you’ll see them. By the thousand you’ll see them.

“You’ll see intelligences. You’ll see the auras of people and so on. While you’re attached to this, you’ll not make the next step forwards.

“You know, psychic development… It’s one of the subtleties. One has to develop one’s psychic senses in order to be able to – what? Not use one’s psychic powers. Not in order to be able to use one’s psychic powers, but in order to be able to not use your psychic powers.

“Sounds strange, doesn’t it? It isn’t so strange when you examine it, you know. You have control over your psychic abilities, so that you can transmute this power onto an entirely higher level. The level of high intuition and inspiration.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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