Master of Yoga Dr George King

The sacrifice the Galaxy makes for us

by Sep 28, 2023

On September 28, 1958, the Master Jesus spoke through Master of Yoga Dr. George King and gave the Tenth Blessing, to the Galaxy. 

It can be difficult to understand the kind of sacrifice the Galaxy makes for all of us who live within it. But Dr. King had the following to say in a lecture on the Tenth Blessing:

“We have on the one hand a great and radiant being like Jesus, sacrificing himself by coming down to this Earth and living among men and suffering among men as a man—as a man: and at the same time as a great Adept—but suffering the limitations of men. And even being murdered by men or allowing his murder by men, in order to bring about… do a certain job.

“On the one hand we have that. On the other hand, we have the Galaxy doing the self-same type of thing. Only in a much, much greater way—in a much, much bigger fashion, you see.”

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