The Power of Positivity

by Aug 7, 2018

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King talks about the real power of positive thinking, and its effect on your subconscious mind and everyday experience.

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“The metaphysician, when he begins to study, he learns, probably before anything else, that he should not harbour so-called negative thoughts, and he begins to discover when he stops himself from harbouring these kinds of thoughts, he begins to discover almost immediately that he feels better in health, better mentally, more alert and certainly happier.

“He begins to discover this almost at once. He begins to discover that, probably, if he’s got the right teacher, that these negative thoughts, so-called, were actually interfering with the subconscious aspect of his thinking processes.  

“And the subconscious mind will answer to this. And it will also answer to the opposite.

“A person who is optimistic, who is happy, who is positive, is a person who generally, even if they are ill, recuperates very quickly. And the more positive you are, the more dynamic you are, the greater the powers of recuperation you have. You can be very ill today and fit tomorrow.

“The negative type of thinker can be very ill today and very ill this time next year, and have exactly the same complaint. There’s no doubt at all about this. What are they doing? They are interfering with, they are impairing – holding up – the subconscious mind by feeding it negative suggestion.

“The dynamic person, the more positive person, the more optimistic person, is building up the subconscious mind by feeding it with positive suggestions. And it works. And nothing works quicker than this.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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