Master of Yoga Dr George King

The light that shines through you as a channel

by Apr 1, 2022

By practicing the Twelve Blessings we send out Love energy to the focal point of each Blessing. But we also receive an energy ourselves, which we can radiate to those around us.

“And when you send out your power to ‘they who work for peace,’ you have a power returned to you which, virtually, fills you with energy. This energy you are then able to radiate to all people who come within your presence… irrespective of whether they may believe you or not. You don’t necessarily have to talk to them because they become impregnated with that light which shines through you as a channel.”
– Master of Yoga, Dr. George King

The more we say this beautiful set of prayers, the more we are filled with this light, and the more we are able to have a positive influence on those around us.

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