The inconceivable love of the Sun

by May 6, 2020

Real love is not a measure of emotion, but something much greater. Being able to channel the extraordinary power of love brings freedom from hate and from a host of other ills. 

Love can even bring freedom from war, disease, and our own basic selves. Rather than thinking of it as a state of mind, we can think of it as a state of whole being – and yet our conception of it is still nothing in comparison to what it really is. 

In this extract we are told that even beings thousands of times more evolved than ourselves, and literally Gods in comparison to us, still do not know what Love really is until they enter the gates of the Sun…

The Nine Freedoms are a series of cosmic transmissions (communications) given by a great and wise extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Mars Sector 6”, through the trance mediumship of Dr. George King. Purchase the full lecture:

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“So They join to help throughout the great and mighty Galactic System; aye, and even beyond stretches Their influence, Their help, Their guidance, Their heat, Their radiations, Their Power, Their Wisdom and Their Love. For we are told that we know not what Love be until we enter the gates of the Sun in lasting Service for all.” 

“It’s just a theory to us. Even to the Martians, it’s still a theory, is love. Some of us have used love in its greatest sense, and we have done what some people would call miracles with it.

“But it’s still only a theory to us. A dim theory. It’s not until we get to great Spiritual heights that we really know what pure love is. The great creative and preservative energy. Well, the Lords of the Sun are radiating this down, all the time.

“In comparison with Their greatness, we are but specks of Cosmic dust floating in some magnetic stream with vague, half-risen consciousness,” says this Great Being. 

“It is strange to regard ourselves and think that there will come a day when we will enter this mighty portal. When we will make such an observation, surely—surely, we can but become even more amazed at the great and lasting Glory of the God, Which made it all.” 

Daren’t think too long about it. I maintain that any really deep thinker who thinks of the glory of God can either be sent mad, or into such ecstasy as to make him probably incapable of doing much. Depends on his depth of thought—because it’s so great.

The Sun with all its greatness is but a mere speck, tiny speck in the whole. And great big-headed, block-headed fools on Earth think they’re the only life in the universe. 

“If ever I feel sorry for any people, it’s those, I really do. I prayed more for those kind of people than I have for you people. And I pray for you people every day. 

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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