Master of Yoga Dr George King

The experience of subtle energy

by Jun 5, 2021

Master of Yoga Dr. George King described his experience of prayer in the following way:

“…you will feel the energy physically, absolutely physically—and I mean absolutely physically.
“As far as I’m concerned it feels cold, I can feel it coming through the spine—because the spine is one of your main antennas—coming through the spine in tremendous pulses, and I can feel it physically, not only mentally but physically.
“And if you are psychic at all … you can see the energy coursing from you.
“It not only comes out the palms of your hands but it travels out through other psychic centers [chakras] as well, depending on the energy plane that you have contacted.”

Last week we shared two experiments you could try to help you experience the power of prayer for yourself (see videos below). Performing The Twelve Blessings regularly is another way.

At some point, with open-minded practice, you will begin to feel the physical sensation of subtle energy flowing through you when you pray.

But even if you don’t feel anything at all it doesn’t mean that you are not invoking any energy or that no good is being done – so don’t be discouraged!

Anyone who prays will invoke energy to some degree or another, and every unit of energy you radiate helps to change the world and raise your consciousness so that you can better realize your oneness with all life.

Watch: Power of prayer: An experiment (Part 1)

Watch: Power of prayer: An experiment (Part 2)


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