Master of Yoga Dr George King

The debt we owe to the Sun

by Mar 7, 2024

There are many beings who have, over the course of history, sacrificed a lot so that we can have the opportunities that we have now. Beings like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna have come to Earth to help us. The Earth herself sacrifices too so that we are able to evolve on her body. 

We owe these beings a great debt. A debt so large we will not be able to repay it. In a lecture on the 8th Blessing, Dr. George King says:

We’ll never repay the debt we owe to Jesus—never mind the Earth we’re on which is a greater being; never mind the Sun which is a much, much greater being. We’ll never repay the debt we owe to Masters like Buddha and Krishna. Whether we’re Hindu or Buddhist doesn’t matter, we’ll never repay this debt. It can only be repaid by Divine cancellation. There isn’t another way. 

“So, how much more then—how much greater then—is our debt that we owe to the Sun? It’s very great. We’ll never repay it, but we can do something. And one thing we can do is this: send the streams of our power, love, energy and prayers towards the Sun.

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