Master of Yoga Dr George King

The all-loving, all-powerful flame within you

by Jan 21, 2021

Throughout this month we will continue to share excerpts from the New Year’s poem written by Master of Yoga Dr. George King to help inspire you in 2021.

In Dr. King’s commentary on the poem he says:

“We have to begin to search for our path back to This [God]. We have to be like a flame pointing upwards towards our Source from which we came—towards the Godhead. The poet is trying to encourage men to do just this; to realize that they have a Divine Home and that they are not lost or alone in the Universe. Everything around them with the exception of one single thing—the Spark of God within—is unreal, is illusion, and susceptible to the ravages and changes of time. The Spark of God within remains pure throughout all things and all time and is above all things and all time. So, after careful examination of yourself, make a firm declaration to search for the real, lasting Truth in all things, in the everyday things as well as the higher things.”

There is a perfect, all-loving, all-powerful, eternal flame within us and within all things. It always has been there and always will be there. We just need to realize it.

Supposing we did realize this; supposing we didn’t compartmentalize our life into our search for God, on the one hand, and the everyday things we do, on the other; supposing instead we affirmed our oneness with God in every moment and in everything that we did – even in the “normal stuff,” how might our life change?

Could we feel greater joy and profound inner peace? Could service become a more natural outpouring of love?

What if we tried this for a day? Or a week? Or even a month?

We wouldn’t just change ourselves, of course; we would help to raise everything around us. We would be helping the whole to go back to God.

Believe it – live it – realize it!

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