Master of Yoga Dr George King

Thank the Mother Earth for her sacrifice

by Feb 29, 2024

In a lecture from 1959 on the Seventh Blessing, to the Mother Earth, Dr. George King explains that this planet is holding back her own evolution so that we can use her body as our classroom of experience. 

He reminds us that not only should we be grateful for what she has done, but we should thank her in a practical way. 

“Well, the Logos of the Earth is virtually, not exactly the life force of the Earth, but the motivating spirit within the Earth – this great flame, which does certainly exist, a source of tremendous energy which exists within the Earth. We should send—let us not ever forget that these are practices—we should send our blessings and our energy, love, call it what you like, to the Logos of this planet, being the central core of the being herself, so that at least we are offering something in return for the great sacrifice she is making on our behalf.”

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