Master of Yoga Dr George King

Take action for peace!

by Mar 10, 2022

The world is in crisis. As part of our response, we have been dedicating our online Twelve Blessings Services to peace and freedom in Ukraine.

In a lecture on the First Blessing, to those who work for peace, Master of Yoga Dr. George King reminds us that this Blessing is not to those who just like peace, but to those who work for peace.

“…those who actively work for peace in the right way, with the right methods, on this particular Earth, must themselves be sacrificing their own peace…Like the old saying, you know, very, very easy to be holy and blissful if you spend your life in a monastery. If you spend your life among ordinary people it’s a very, very difficult thing to be holy and blissful all the time. But the holiness of the monk cannot be compared with the greatness of a less holy person who spares no energy at all, who throws the whole of their energy into trying to bring peace about on this Earth. More than ever before, these are the days of direct action.”


Tune in to one of our daily services and join in with people from all around the world to actively work for peace!

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