Our Spiritual Energy crisis

by Apr 12, 2018

This week’s extract is from a lecture entitled ‘The Spiritual Energy Crisis‘.

The crisis that Master of Yoga Dr George King is talking about is the fact that there are far too few people on Earth using spiritual energy in the correct way – and look at the result:

7 years of war in Syria… 614,000 Rohingya refugees…. 8 million people on the verge of starvation in the Yemen… Sudan… North Korea… the list goes on…

All of it is the result of our own wrong thinking – and the resulting wrong action.

The key – is consciousness.

Our problems on Earth would be solved if there were a mass rise in global consciousness.

With such a rise, people would live according to the inspiration of their Higher Selves, rather than the selfish ignorance of their “lower selves”.

We all have a Higher Self – the spiritual aspect of our being – all we need to do is contact it, and follow its guidance.

The correct use of spiritual energy is a key to raising consciousness; for example through spiritual thinking, correct prayer, and correct action.

Practicing the Twelve Blessings is one definite way that we can all do more to use spiritual energy in the right way – and change our world.

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“You have been told, and quite rightly, that the whole of creation is not only made up of energy but [that] there is free energy running through it.

“That Great and Mighty Being from Saturn stated that, the energies which course through millions of worlds, make the heart of small man beat.

“The very energy which you use in order to make your journeys, is the same energy which is used to create a Sun.

“Mankind can worry about the physical energy crisis which faces him today, and will face him tomorrow and in the future, but unless he puts the spiritual energy crisis right, he will always be faced with a physical energy crisis – no matter what inventions he comes up with. Repeat. Prophesy. No matter what inventions he comes up with. He will still run short of physical energy, unless he solves the spiritual energy crisis. Unless he learns to use what we term ‘spiritual energy’ correctly and, when he does this, then no shortage of physical energy can be allowed to hold up his main journey.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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