Master of Yoga Dr George King

Spiritual aliens – why are they visiting Earth?

by Jun 17, 2021

It must be—and indeed is obvious—to all Governments upon Terra [Earth], that Flying Saucers are real, are physical, are friendly, are extraterrestrial. They cannot TRUTHFULLY deny this… It is obvious we are friendly. Had we not been, you would not exist.”
– Mars Sector 6

The Pentagon now has just two weeks to deliver a report on UFOs to the public.

In The Aetherius Society we believe many UFOs are extraterrestrial craft piloted by beings visiting Earth from ancient civilizations existing on the higher planes of other planets in our own Solar System.

We also believe that the inhabitants of these civilizations are friendly and have been helping us for thousands of years – but why are they here?  

They are here because they care about us more even than we care about ourselves – because they know, and love, God. In short – they want to help us evolve.

The problems we face on Earth are solvable – if we change and take a spiritual approach.

So, next time you perform The Twelve Blessings, be inspired by the thought that you are cooperating with a plan to create a world of lasting peace and enlightenment for all people on Earth!

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