Master of Yoga Dr George King

Spiritual aliens – what’s their spiritual message?

by Jun 24, 2021

…the greatest one in these days is he who sacrifices himself – his bliss and the whole of his energy – for the benefit of his brother.
– The Master Jesus

If ever there was an inhabited planet which needed the slogan ‘service to others’, that planet is Terra [Earth]!
– Mars Sector 6

In every single contact that we have made with a Terrestrial, we have pointed out that it is service to others which counts above all things.
– The Master Aetherius

The Pentagon now has less than a week to deliver a report on UFOs to the public.

In The Aetherius Society we believe many UFOs are extraterrestrial craft piloted by beings that come from the higher planes of other planets in our own Solar System; beings who are visiting us because they want to help us evolve.

Their message to us is essentially that service to others will save us. It is the key to a more peaceful and enlightened world.

The power to create such a world is – quite literally – in your hands. The more spiritual energy you radiate, and the higher the quality of that energy, the greater the results will be.

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