Master of Yoga Dr George King

Send your love to humanity

by Feb 12, 2022

We are only a few days away from Valentine’s Day. This is a day when much of the world celebrates what people call “love”. But what is love really – in its highest sense?

In a lecture on the Third Blessing, Master of Yoga Dr. George King reminds us that the energy of love should be concentrated on humanity as a whole.

“You cannot love humanity as a whole and concentrate all your love on any individual. As much as you would like to do this, you cannot do it. Concentration of love on an individual often becomes a possession. The motives for such concentration are often selfish ones. But, to concentrate one’s love, in one way or another—in one way or another—upon humanity as a whole, cannot be motivated by possession or selfishness.”

A great way to radiate this love energy to the world is by joining in one of our online Twelve Blessings Services!

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