Master of Yoga Dr George King

Revelations about the Cross

by Apr 2, 2021

The cross is an ancient mystical symbol which predates Christianity by many thousands of years. At the end of The Twelfth Blessing the Master Jesus makes this outstanding revelation about its true meaning:

“This, my children, is not the symbol of death. It is the Symbol of Resurrection. It is not the symbol of the terrible death depicted by your foolish priests! It is the lasting Symbol of Resurrection of the Spirit of Man, up to the mighty Godhead—through karmic experience.”

When Jesus came to Earth some 2,000 years ago, his primary mission was to die. He died so that he could balance the karma of mankind to avert a terrible catastrophe that was due at that time.

A secondary aspect of his mission was to rise again, which millions of Christians around the world celebrate on Easter Sunday.

In rising again Jesus gave us all – not just Christians – a living demonstration of Ascension; an initiation which we will earn when we have mastered all of the lessons available to us in this classroom of Earth.

And in his life Jesus gave us all a path towards our own resurrection; one which we can follow in our journey back to the Godhead, and in so doing demonstrate our mastery over experience: love and service to others.

Tune in this weekend to celebrate the victory of Easter in the most practical way by demonstrating your love for others: help to inspire, heal and uplift our world with spiritual energy!

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