Master of Yoga Dr George King

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by Jul 20, 2023

When we are in a position in our lives where we need to make an important decision, it is common to try and tap into our intuition and see what our “gut” is telling us.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King talks about this in an address given in 1961. He not only explains how we can cultivate our intuition, but also the great benefits from doing so:

“Where does conscience come in? Conscience, as such, is a result of past karma and present environmental conditions. It’s a result of training and experience through many lives. Even the worst—if we can call them that—of men, has some conscience. He has some little thing within him which tells him that what he is doing is wrong. When man begins to search through the higher truths, he gets these warnings more and more often until, eventually, he begins to listen to them.

“And when he does listen to these—we call them pricks of conscience—when he does listen to those, and when he acts in the light of his intuition, then he becomes a very, very different individual from what he was before. He becomes someone prone to inspiration on a high level.”

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