Master of Yoga Dr George King

Raise global consciousness on Earth Day

by Apr 20, 2023

In the beginning of the Seventh Blessing, to The Mother Earth, The Master Jesus says:

“Blessed is She, Who, instead of taking the unlimited gowns allowed to this Goddess, did accept material limitation, so that you—the lower Aspects of God—could walk through experience back to God again.”

In a lecture on this Blessing in 1959, Master of Yoga Dr. George King expanded on this quote.

“That’s one sentence, and possibly one of the most descriptive sentences that I know of. Because in this one very, very simple sentence we are told—we are given—some of the great truths of all times.

“We are reminded that this particular Earth upon which we live is, virtually, a Goddess. We are reminded that She could have taken Her rightful place in evolution. And had She done this, She would not necessarily have to provide a refuge for us, or have to provide a home for us, so that we, the lower aspects of God, could go through total experience—which is life—back to God again.

“You see, it is necessary, and was necessary, for the sake of our evolution that one of the great Angels—and I’m not being biblical now, but speaking as a metaphysician—and I repeat myself: it was necessary that one of the great Angels made a sacrifice so that we, having passed  through—note very carefully what’s said here—having passed through involution, were given every chance and opportunity to evolve.”

On April 22 many around the world will be celebrating Earth Day. The more we can raise our consciousness, the less of a burden we will be on the Earth. Therefore, one of the best ways to celebrate Her, and what She has sacrificed for us, is to send out your prayers to uplift humanity, and raise global consciousness.

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