Master of Yoga Dr George King

Put your whole life and soul and heart into prayer

by Jan 20, 2022

The Twelve Blessings is a potent spiritual practice that allows us to send out our love energy to the world. In order for it to be as much help as possible, Master of Yoga Dr. George King advises us to put our whole hearts and souls into the prayers, as he once said in a lecture:

“So the next time you have a chance to send out prayer and energy, do so. The next time you pick hold of The Twelve Blessings—do it. Have a go at it. Put your whole life and soul and heart into it. This is the way to pray.”

Whether we say the Twelve Blessings by ourselves, or in a group in one of our daily online Twelve Blessings services, we can say these prayers with all of our love and be of great service to the world!

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