Master of Yoga Dr George King

Put your enthusiasm into Christmas

by Dec 25, 2022

Master of Yoga Dr. George King really got into the Christmas spirit. The Headquarters in Los Angeles was highly decorated, and he gave gifts generously.

Some may wonder why Dr. King would celebrate Christmas this way, given that he knew the Master Jesus was not born on Christmas day, but on the 15th of March.

In an address from 1974 he explained why he put so much energy and enthusiasm into Christmas:

“I adhere to the Christmas spirit because it is—although the wrong time of the year—it still is a celebration for the birth on Earth of a Great Master Who did very much for the Earth—Who gave you The Twelve Blessings which you hold so dear to your hearts.

“So, therefore, I celebrate it and my friends celebrate it in the way that we feel we should. And we celebrate it with the same intensity as we do our normal work. In other words, in order to get something from Christmas, we put something into Christmas. And you can never take anything from any part of life unless you put something into that part of life.”

From everyone on the team, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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