Master of Yoga Dr George King

Priceless wisdom from other worlds

by May 7, 2021

On May 8th, 1954, Master of Yoga Dr. George King was alone at his home in London when he heard a voice which came from outside of himself proclaim:

Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament.

Later, Dr. King was to discover that this was the voice of an advanced extraterrestrial intelligence known to us as: The Master Aetherius.

The Master Aetherius was one of several prominent communicators who began to speak through the trance mediumship of Dr. King, giving priceless spiritual wisdom to humanity. Below we have included a tiny handful of these messages to help inspire you in your spiritual work during the present Spiritual Push!

Mars Sector 6:

Oh brothers of Earth, within you burns the very Spark of God. You can, by cooperative action, transmute these limitations and stand in all your shining glory.
You can do this by service to others…
If ever there was an inhabited Planet which needed the slogan ‘Service to Others’, that Planet is Terra [Earth]! Take this deep into your hearts, find Wisdom there, then come ye outwards in sacrifice, so that you may then be able to lead your brother to the mountaintop of his evolutionary experience.
This is your duty.

The Master Jesus:

Oh my sweet, adorable children, lift up your hearts to that God Light within and let this shine through your every thought. Let it be reflected in your every action. Let it manifest in your world now! Oh sweet, adorable little children, know that within you there is a great spiritual potential which, if allowed to manifest will illumine your soul, will illumine your mind, will illumine your very environment. It is the birthright of man, this manifestation of greatness from within.

The Master Aetherius:
Look upwards, think upwards, and know that the Spirit is there which is everything—the Spirit which is pure God in the highest octave of manifestation.
Oh, men of Terra, this is the Spirit which is the only REAL part of you all.
Don’t you see, that by looking across the top of your head, you are consciously taking your perception from the lower octave of material manifestation and raising it to the higher planes of existence?
You know, a tiny plant will send a tendril from the darkness up to the light, and only when it reaches the light will it blossom forth. You are rather like so many plants. Reach upwards, my friends, let the Sun of God shine into your eyes, then you will blossom forth into the beautiful flowers of the Supreme.
May the power of the Great Cosmic Masters fall upon you this night, so that you may realise that God dwells silently within you all.

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