Master of Yoga Dr George King

Prayer can help you feel happy

by Nov 30, 2023

In an address on Spiritual Happiness, Dr. George King talks about how prayer can help us feel happy and satisfied:

“If you are taught to do a spiritual exercise correctly, no matter what it might be—prayer for instance—and you do it correctly, with a faith in the outcome of that exercise, because the outcome has been proven to you—as it will be—then, when you wash up the dishes, when you drive your car, at business, throughout the whole of your life, you will begin to develop that same kind of exactness.

“You will want to do every job, that you have to do, correctly.

“When you do this—and I do not believe until you do this—you will discover a certain satisfaction, a certain happiness.”

We are still in a Spiritual Push so all of our spiritual actions are karmically potentized by a factor of 3,000. So by practicing The Twelve Blessings as well as we can, we can not only feel satisfaction and joy, but also can help the world greatly. 

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