Master of Yoga Dr George King

Prayer and advanced yoga practices

by Mar 2, 2023

Each week in this email, Dr. George King is introduced as a Master of Yoga. He was in fact a Master of many different types of yoga – Kundalini, Raja, Bhakti and more.

In 1965, he was comparing advanced yoga practices to the practice of prayer.

“… is something that you can all do irrespective of your age, irrespective of your health, it makes no difference.

“You can’t perform advanced yoga practices unless you are in tiptop physical condition—but you can pray. And of the two things, prayer will bring you—YOU—on a lot quicker than the advanced yoga practices.”

When we perform The Twelve Blessings, we are sending out love energy and helping the world. But let us not forget that this is also helping us too!

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