Master of Yoga Dr George King

Open yourself up to inspiration

by Dec 1, 2022

In a lecture from 1965 entitled ‘Become more useful humans‘, Master of Yoga Dr. George King makes the following point about how we spend our time:

“I wonder how many people tonight are looking at television, are playing cards, drinking in bars, dancing, or at the theater. I would say quite a few. And most of those people will be watching television tomorrow night, drinking in bars, dancing, or at the theater. These people are dying. Even if they live to be 90 years of age they are just as dead as if they were hypnotized zombies. It is a fact. Each hour they have to depend upon others for even amusement, they’re losing some of their capacity for inspiration.”

Relaxation is important for all spiritual workers and it is important to make time to relax, but it is vastly more important each day to make time for our spiritual selves. Spending time reading and practicing The Twelve Blessings and performing other spiritual practices can help us feel joy, upliftment and fulfillment. The more we do this the more we will open ourselves up for greater inspiration.

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