Oneness and service

by Jul 16, 2020

The prayer that follows the Fifth Blessing, which is to the Thanksgivers, begins as follows:

Let the mighty power of thy Love
Flow forth into all the peoples of the world,
So that they may be risen up to realise their Divinity,
So that they may live and act in this light…

When you pray you are invoking energy and radiating it from yourself to the target of your prayer, e.g. a person or group of people, and in this case “all the peoples of the world.”

That energy helps to raise the consciousness of those people so that they can have a greater realization of their oneness with all life.

In the light of oneness, selfless service to others becomes the only logical way to live and act – as logical as your right hand and left hand working together to help your whole being.

In fact, the greater our realization of oneness – the greater our love for all. And the greater our love for all – the greater our desire to serve others.

Indeed, service to others – especially the world as a whole, is what enlightened men and women have always done…

And in fact, greater and more spiritually evolved beings than ourselves, like the Mother Earth, or the Sun, devote their entire existence to helping others – because of their knowledge of God.

Imagine if we did the same…

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