Manifest your greatness

by Jun 18, 2020

You too can manifest the potential for greatness within you – by living in the light of oneness.

“Oh my sweet, adorable children, lift up your hearts to that God Light within and let this shine through your every thought.

“Let it be reflected in your every action.

“Let it manifest in your world now!

“Oh sweet, adorable little children, know that within you there is a great spiritual potential which, if allowed to manifest will illumine your soul, will illumine your mind, will illumine your very environment.

“It is the birthright of man, this manifestation of greatness from within.”

– The Master Jesus, ‘Watch This Year’

Within us all is a Divine Spark. God is our essence. This essence exists within all things. Therefore all things – all life – is one. This realization lies at the very heart of what spirituality really means.

The greater our realization of oneness – the greater our love for all. And the greater our love for all – the greater our desire to serve.

In the light of oneness, compassionate service becomes the only logical way to live and act – as logical as your right hand and left hand working together to help your whole being.

Serving others will lead us to self-illumination, and illuminate our world!

Change the world with spiritual energy

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