Master of Yoga Dr George King

Logic, sense perception, intuition

by May 13, 2021

During a TV interview in England in the 1970s, Master of Yoga Dr. George King made the following statement about the teachings – including The Twelve Blessings – which he had received from the Cosmic Masters:

“From the philosophical content alone, they are pretty fantastic – so they did come from somewhere. Either they came from my mind or they came from another source. If they came from another source, they’re excellent. If they came from my puny little mind, then I’m quite a person.”

There are three paths to knowledge – all of them essential.

Logic – knowledge gained step by step through rational thinking. This is the aspect that Dr. King describes above. Study the teachings and judge their calibre as a philosophy you can apply in your journey to enlightenment.

Remember, spirituality is about truth – and truth is logical. It may not seem logical, if we don’t fully understand it – yet, but that does not alter the fact that the whole universe operates according to precise scientific laws. The greatest science is the study of God.

You can also use your experiences (sense perception) and your intuition to determine the truthfulness of any teaching.

Sense perception – knowledge gained from what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch – including the subtler psychic equivalents of these senses. Many people have reported outstanding spiritual experiences when praying during the First Hour of the Spiritual Push, for example, or simply practicing The Twelve Blessings at any time throughout the year. Perhaps you have as well!

Intuition – knowledge gained from the God-Spark within us all. Things we “just know.” The more you do to serve others, the more you can advance. The more you advance and become enlightened, the more you will be able to hear and understand the true “voice” of your intuition, which is always right.

How have logic, sense perception and intuition helped you to find truth in your spiritual journey?

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