Let’s practice these three steps!

by Jun 4, 2020

The Nine Freedoms is a series of spiritual teachings that reveal nine essential steps we will all eventually take on our journey back to the Source.

“You can come as a Christian, as a Buddhist, as a yogi; you can come fast and slow; you can belong to any group, to no group; you can start off an atheist, a murderer, a killer, a saint, an angel—but you’ve gotta come through these great steps. You can’t go round any one of them. These are the steps laid out for you so plainly, so definitely, so simply, even though we may not understand all the phrases in these things, and we don’t understand them by a long, long chalk. Nevertheless, these are the steps.”
– Master of Yoga Dr. George King

The first three of these steps are: Bravery, Love and Service.

Let’s tune in together to help heal our world – let’s practice each of these Freedoms – and one day we will achieve the Fourth: Enlightenment.

Doesn’t our world need it!

Change the world with spiritual energy

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