Let truth change your consciousness

by Feb 6, 2021

The Master Jesus says at the end of The Twelfth Blessing:

Oh little children, do not let the fools of your World limit your concept.
Do not let them limit your thought. Do not let them limit your visualisation.
Do not let them limit your Soul—but think upon these things. Let these
Truths enter into your consciousness, so that—you may be better prepared
for your journey through Experience.

When you read The Twelve Blessings, and especially when you really think about what the Master Jesus says, it changes your consciousness.

These truths have an effect on your whole being.

In fact, some of the deepest truths contained within The Twelve Blessings are the revelations which the Master Jesus makes about God, or what he calls “The Absolute.”

For millennia religious dogma and materialism have limited our perception of the real awe-inspiring greatness of God. The Twelve Blessings changes that.

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