Key to inner peace with a simple practice you can use

by May 26, 2016

Most of us struggle in our daily lives to find even a few minutes of silence, let alone real inner peace.

This week’s video, presented by international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, offers you a key to inner peace as given by The Master Jesus in The Twelve Blessings.

Put this wisdom into practice!

Stay tuned next week for a short guided meditation that you can use as a foundation for your spiritual practice, dynamic prayer and the true, inner peace that comes first and foremost from selfless service to others.

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“Learn stillness of body. Move ye not.” says the Master Jesus after the Fourth Blessing.

And this is a secret for the practice of The Twelve Blessings and prayer, but also throughout our lives. It’s a key given to us by a Master who was THE Master of controlled emotion.

“Learn stillness of heart. Let not the Lake of Peace be ruffled by violent emotion.”

We do not have to be at the mercy of our emotions. We can control them, says the Master Jesus, through stillness.

“Learn stillness of mind, for peace will not come while you move like restless animals.”

We can master our bodies and our minds, and the way to do it, says the Master Jesus, is through the practice of stillness. And this will bring us to true, lasting peace.

Next week I won’t talk about it, but those of you who wish to, I will guide into stillness of body, stillness of heart and stillness of mind with a practice you can use.

Last week Richard shared a key to inner peace as given by The Master Jesus in The Twelve Blessings.

As promised, in this week’s video Richard leads a very simple practice that you can use as a first step on the journey to stillness of body, heart and mind so beautifully described by the Master Jesus at the end of The Fourth Blessing. 

Cultivate this inner peace and let stillness be your bedrock for greater love and enlightened action in service to all. 

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Last week I quoted to you those wonderful words from the end of the Fourth Blessing about stillness of body, heart, and mind.

This week, for those of you who wish to, I’d like to give a practice, which you can use – a very, very simple one to start you on that road of stillness.

There are some people who are very active, extremely devoted in service, and yet still need – I think we all do – the aspect of stillness, at times, in our lives.

So be seated. Be on a hard-backed chair or in a yoga posture, whichever you prefer, and try to be completely still.

Become aware of your body.

You’ll be amazed what’s going on; how much movement there is in different parts of your anatomy. Note it. Don’t ever try to force it.

Gradually, patiently bring about as much physical stillness as you can – and you can do this for a period of a few minutes if you like.

And then move on to the next step that the Master Jesus tells us: “Learn stillness of heart.”

And you might find as you become physically still that various emotions will well up. It could be a bit of anger. It could be a bit of frustration. It could be any kind of emotion that comes to the fore, which you were suppressing. Let it come. Don’t force it.

And then, be very still and allow the heart to beat in a still, rhythmic manner.

And you can love – as Dr. King once said – try to love your heart.

And of course, the physical heart is linked to the heart chakra.

And when you’ve done that, and you can spend some time doing that, then come to “stillness of mind.”

“Move ye not,” says the Master Jesus “…like restless animals.”

All sorts of thoughts will start to come through your brain. Allow them to do so. But remain still.

Give the signal to your brain and your mind that you are the master – you the Divine Spirit are the master.

And gradually that too will become still.

Just spend a short time doing this very simple practice and you’ll be living a practice given to us in The Twelve Blessings by the beloved Master we call Jesus.

This series features international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society for Europe. Learn more about Richard.

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